Buying a tonir is now possible in Canada & U.S.A!

 What is a Tonir (Tandoor)?

A tonir has been used for cooking for many centuries. They are made of brick and fireproof clay, baked in 1000°C. The heat for these ovens are generated by burning charcoal or wood within, which exposes the food to live-fire cooking, and smoking by the fat and food juice that drips onto the charcoal or wood.

Benefits of Using a Tonir (Tandoor):

  • Food is cooked in real, natural flavour; when we cook food on a gas grill or stove, the natural aroma and flavour of the food is evaporated. Cooking with charcoal or wood also adds great smoky flavour!
  • Healthy & nutritious; cooking in a tandoor oven requires less oil and butter as the food is cooked in its own natural juices. Additionally, since the meat is hung, most of the excess fat and oil drips, making for more lean meat
  • No fuel wastage; Once a tandoor is lit, it remains hot for long amounts of time meaning you can cook large amounts of food in minimal time reducing amounts of fuel waste